JW News and the SaySorry.org web site censored, but for a very good reason

Sunday 16 December 2018

Victoria, Australia

This week a very important news story from Victoria, Australia, occurred.

Members of the Say Sorry Team had met previously with key people involved and extended our ongoing support. But we can not tell you any more.

Members of the Say Sorry Team have been present. But we can not tell you where and we can not tell you why.

Suffice to say, the Say Sorry Team, and every other news outlet based in Victoria, Australia, including our Facebook partner JW NEWS, is censored on reporting … but for a very good reason.

In time we will share our story.

In the meantime here are some links to friends that the Say Sorry Team are aligned with:

News.com.au | The despicable paedophile priest you’ve never heard of – the story of Georgie Burg

+61J – Jewish News | What the national child sexual abuse apology means to me – by Dassi Erlich

60 Minutes | Let Her Speak (Why is a young sexual assault victim being silenced by the law?)

ABC News | A coalition of sexual abuse survivor groups call for former governor-general Peter Hollingsworth to be denied his tax-payer funded entitlements

If you are an international reader and seek to understand more about the court order please refer to the following article in the New York Times:


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