15 December 2020

For the past three years, Shelly Rose BRAIEOUX, a lawyer, employed by Queensland Police Services (Australia) within the Prosecutions Coordination Unit, Legal Division, Brisbane Police Prosecutions, has stalked, harassed, defamed, and threatened both Steven Unthank (since December 2018) and Lara Kaput (since October 2017), the founders of Say Sorry.

For the record, we emphatically deny the committing of criminal offences as has been alleged and published by Shelly BRAIEOUX.

Other serious allegations against Steven Unthank and Lara Kaput have been published by Shelly BRAIEOUX, including a claim that we “stole” and “doctored” her witness statement as “BCG” from Case Study 29 of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and then published it on our website under the pseudonym ‘Marta’.

Such claims by BRAIEOUX are untrue. The Royal Commission published and licensed the ‘Marta’ story as a private session narrative and then released it as part of the Commission’s Final Report on 15 December 2017. An explanation of the narrative process can be found in the Say Sorry article Private Session Narratives.

Shelly BRAIEOUX has never personally contacted Steven Unthank or Lara Kaput and raised with them any of her concerns, real or imagined, or sought clarification during this period of time.

Shelly BRAIEOUX has never issued to Steven Unthank or to Lara Kaput any ‘Cease and Desist’ notice, nor has she commenced any legal action.

There is no evidence to support Shelly BRAIEOUX’s ongoing published imputations against Steven Unthank and Lara Kaput. They are false events, or in many cases a real event is taken and then parts of it are falsified to make it appear that a new narrative is real.

In January 2020, we commenced legal action in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria to obtain Personal Safety Intervention Orders against Shelly BRAIEOUX, to stop her stalking us and to protect ourselves. Both the court Registrar and the Magistrates’ Court required evidence in support of our applications for an Intervention Order.

After two court room hearings, and the presentation of evidence, two Interim Intervention Orders were granted by the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria against Shelly BRAIEOUX. These court orders prevent her from engaging in prohibited behaviour towards us and from engaging others to do this for her.

The Interim Intervention Order taken out against Shelly BRAIEOUX by Steven Unthank states:


Respondent’s name BRAIEOUX, SHELLY R.

Case Nr. L10250106

On 19/02/2020 at the Magistrates’ Court at LATROBE VALLEY

a Court Order was made against you. You were not at Court.

WARNING: If you do not obey this Order you may be arrested and charged with a criminal offence. A contravention of the Order carries a maximum penalty of 240 penalty units and/or 2 years imprisonment.


The following person/s are protected by this order:

First Named Affected Person. UNTHANK, STEVEN

The Court orders that the respondent must not:

  1. Publish on the internet, by email or other electronic communication any material about the protected person(s).
  2. Contact or communicate with a protected person by any means.

This INTERIM intervention order will last until final order, unless varied or revoked; or if the application is withdrawn



Court Order 1 (Unthank) against Shelly BRAIEOUX

Court Order 2 (Kaput) against Shelly BRAIEOUX

Due to the serious nature of Shelly BRAIEOUX’s conduct towards Lara Kaput, Lara’s Intervention Order was expanded.

Both court orders were subsequently served on Shelly BRAIEOUX by Queensland Police Services (her employer) and an Affidavit of Service was filed with the court for each Interim Intervention Order.

Breaching a Court Order is a criminal offence

Offences against the Court Order are criminal offences against the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria. Each breach of the Court Order is its own criminal offence and carries a maximum penalty of 240 penalty units (Au$39,652.80) and/or 2 years imprisonment.

Since the Intervention Orders have been in place, we allege Shelly BRAIEOUX has continually breached the Court Orders. These breaches have been logged, documented, and provided to Victoria Police for investigation. 

Those alleged breaches are now a matter for the police and courts. Breaches of a Court Order is a criminal offence against the Magistrates’ Court not the Applicant.

Has Shelly Braieoux contacted You about Steven Unthank and Lara Kaput?

If so, this may be a breach of the Intervention Orders, meaning you may be in possession of evidence that Shelly BRAIEOUX may have committed a criminal offence. If so, please report it to Victoria Police (quoting the relevant Interim Order reference numbers) at:

Say Sorry


Say Sorry calls on Australian Government to revoke Jehovah’s Witnesses charity status