Submissions, Papers, and Presentations

Below is a select list of separate or joint submissions, papers, presentations, and legal action made by both Steven Unthank and Lara Kaput from 2011 onwards.

Steven Unthank and Lara Kaput. 2018. London.

NEW 2 October 2019 – Submission to the NSW Parliament “Inquiry into Modern Slavery Act 2018 and Associated Matters” (by Lara Kaput) | DOWNLOAD

NEW January 2019 – Royal Commission into Mental Health Terms of Reference Consultation. Submission for the Terms of Reference (by Lara Kaput and Steven Unthank) | DOWNLOAD

11 June 2019 – Public presentation on “The Mental Health Impact of Ever-Changing Jehovah’s Witness Beliefs” (pdf version of Say Sorry Powerpoint Presentation by Sarah Blaire and Steven Unthank) | DOWNLOAD

4 April 2019 – Submission to the Office of the Children’s Guardian on the “Regulating Child Safe Organisations Discussion paper for consultation” (by Lara Kaput and Steven Unthank) | DOWNLOAD

18 March 2019 – Submission 52 – Joint Select Committee on the National Redress Scheme. Submission to the Joint Select Committee on oversight of the implementation of redress related recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: in relation to the Royal Commission’s “Report of Case Study No. 29 – The response of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Australia Ltd to allegations of child sexual abuse” (by Lara Kaput and Steven Unthank). | DOWNLOAD

28 February 2019 – Public presentation on “Religious Institutions and the Harm They Do” (pdf version of Say Sorry Powerpoint Presentation by Lara Kaput and Steven Unthank) | DOWNLOAD

27 November 2018 – Shining a light on Reproductive Coercion White Paper, Marie Stopes Australia (contributed towards) | DOWNLOAD | Related article

18 August 2018 – Resolution of the 2018 JW Protest London (drafted by Steven Unthank) | DOWNLOAD | Related article

28 June 2018 – Public presentation on “Supporting Survivors of Religion” (pdf version of Say Sorry Powerpoint Presentation by Lara Kaput and Steven Unthank) | DOWNLOAD

14 May 2018 – Submission in support of complaint to the New York State Attorney General, via the New York State Legislature, requesting a special Charities Bureau investigation into Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York, Inc., et al. in relation to serious allegations of unlawful conduct and the covering up of criminal activities committed by up to 775 United States citizens (document prepared by Steven Unthank) | DOWNLOAD

28 April 2018 – Chaplaincy and the Privacy Rights of Children. A Say Sorry lecture. (fully referenced transcript by Lara Kaput and Steven Unthank) | DOWNLOAD

26 November 2012 – Submission in Response to the Consultation Paper for the establishing of the “Terms of Reference” for the Child Abuse Royal Commission (by Steven Unthank and JW Survivors) | DOWNLOAD

8 June 2011 – Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children Inquiry (official transcript of appearance by Steven Unthank) | DOWNLOAD